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The Youth Justice Agency Northern Ireland website is made even more accessible by the use of Browsealoud. Browsealoud is a computer application which allows the user to listen to the content of the website, merely by hovering their mouse arrow over the text they wish to hear.

It is free to download (by clicking on the icon to the left), easy to use with control over the voice, pitch and speed, Browsealoud is there when you need assistance as you navigate the Web.

Simply by scrolling your mouse over the text that you want read to you, Browsealoud will read and speak what you require, helping you navigate websites more easily. The program can be activated from the circular icon in the system tray as shown in the following images:

Browsealoud toolbar icons
Browsealoud toolbar icons

If a web site is Browsealoud enabled, the icon has a yellow pointer.

Allowing you full control over the speed and pitch of your chosen voice and user defined hotkeys to activate and deactivate speech, the program also has a user defined pronunciation engine that allows a user to add words and define how a word is pronounced. Browsealoud also has the option to add voices to those already on your computer.

Browsealoud settings dialogue box
Browsealoud System Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements needed to operate the free Browsealoud Internet screen reader:

  1. Pentium 350MHz Processor
  2. Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME or NT4
  3. Internet Explorer 4 or later or Netscape Navigator
  4. Sound Card and Speakers
  5. 128 MB RAM (256MB recommended)
  6. 20 MB Free Disk Space

(NB. Previous versions must be uninstalled before installing Browsealoud.)