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Youth Conferencing as Shame Management: Results of a Long-term Follow-Up Study


Submitted to the Youth Conference Service, Youth Justice Agency, by ARCS (UK) LTD. Written by Shadd Maruna et al, 2007.

This report presents the findings from a qualitative, process evaluation of the long-term life outcomes for a small sample (N=26) of young people involved in thisprocess due to the commission of a crime. Participants were interviewed at least one year after their initial involvement with the YCS in order to discern whether the conference has had any lasting impact on their lives and their self-understandings. Interviews were transcribed and coded for patterns in the participants' reflections on the conferencing process, their postconference lives, and their involvement with criminality and risky behaviours. Click here to download this Report as a PDF Document

We're Not Brazil...We're Northern Ireland

By Rebecca McConnell, PR Executive

Colleagues from Community Services, Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre and the Youth Conference Service, as well as those working for the Public Prosecution Service, were given the opportunity to hear how restorative schemes are operating in Brazil during a master class delivered by Dominic Barter. Click here to read the full article.

A Restorative Justice System for Young Offenders in Northern Ireland


By Gillian Preece

This case study describes the development by the Northern Ireland Office of proposals for a restorative justice system for young offenders. Click here to read full article.

A Young Person's Experience of Youth Conferencing

By a 15 year old male

"When I first heard of the term Youth Conferencing I was quite unsure of what it was and it worried me for a short while. I knew that someone was coming to our house to show me a DVD on Youth Conferencing; I was expecting a woman much older than my mother and father, who knew nothing about how teenagers felt because it was probably so long since she had been one." Click here to read full article.

Reparation in the Community

by Martina Tally

Alex came to the attention of the police for minor motoring offences which took place in his community. He admitted guilt and agreed to participate in a Youth Conference. Alex attended the conference along with his parents, the Youth Diversion Officer and the manager of a resource facility in Alex’s community. A community representative also attended to discuss the potential harm caused by Alex’s behaviour... Click here to read full article

A Youth Conference case study

by Youth Conference Co-ordinator, John Murphy

The young person in this case study is aged 16 and from South Belfast. Along with three other people he had broke into church property, and the premises were flooded and vandalised. The young person was subsequently charged with burglary and criminal damage. He agreed in court to participate in a Youth Conference.
Click here to read full article

A Day in the Life of a Youth Conference Co-ordinator

By Alison McClay

Youth Conferencing has been available to the Youth Courts and the Public Prosecution Service in Fermanagh & Tyrone since April 2004. The Youth Conference Service is part of the Youth Justice Agency of Northern Ireland. It works upon the principles of restorative justice...Click here to read full article